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VIDEO and Projection

  • Question :The sanctuary display TV or projector is not showing any signal.

    • Try this: Make sure the TV or projector is powered ON and the power indicator lights are active. Make sure you are on the correct input (for example VGA 1 or HDMI). This can usually be changed using the remote. If you have a switcher, make sure it is on the correct input and verify that it is sending a signal to your Display.


  • Question :My projector won't turn on.

    • Try this: If the projector doesn't have any lights on it at all then it's not getting power or it has a bad power supply. If the projector has power lights but won't boot up most of the time you have a lamp or lamps that have gone out. A couple of things about this, lamps can fail at any point. If a lamp fails you will have a blinking lamp light on the unit. If the lamp is too old and has gone past its life expectancy the projector won't boot up, or will power down after about 10 minutes or less. Usually a solid red lamp light on the unit indicates the lamp has passed its life expectancy. A blinking red power light indicates a more serious issue.


  • Question :My second monitor has a message saying "not supported" and won't show an image.

    • Try this: This is usually an issue with older monitors when you are sending them a higher resolution or refresh rate than they can handle. Lower the resolution and make sure your refresh rate is set to 60.


  • Question :Our projector keeps shutting down after a few minutes.

    • Try this: There are basically two things that could be happening, either your lamp(s) are too old and the lamp timer is telling the projector to turn off or the unit is over-heating. The indicators on the projector will point to one of those.


  • Question :Our BlackMagic Switcher won't see a signal from an Apple computer on an SDI input.

    • Answer: BlackMagic Switchers will only allow a computer signal from Apple Computers through the HDMI inputs. You cannot use the SDI inputs (via HDMI to SDI convertors) on a BlackMagic switcher for anything other than a true video signal which Apple computers do NOT natively output regardless of resolution.