For almost two decades, AVdesign solutions by Fowler has been, “Helping churches do media better.” That is a motto we fully believe in and one that we will do everything within our power to make true for every church and ministry that we work with. We’ve seen tremendous change in the realm of projection over the past 20 years. AVdesign solutions by Fowler has helped lead the industry in cutting-edge projection, flat panel display, routing, and distribution while providing a powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution, whatever your video needs.

If your church has encountered architectural challenges to implementing a media system, let our experienced team help you determine the right solution for your church. From screen locations and mounting options, to cable paths and signal flow, we have the expertise to provide your church with a sophisticated yet volunteer-friendly video projection system that will meet the church's needs for years to come. And of course with our professional install team, we can get your new projection or display system up and running in the most convenient way possible for you and your team members.

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