What we love to hear are the success stories after AVdesign by Fowler installs a new system in a church; to hear about the impact they are making through the use of technology. We certainly hope that you will give AVdesign by Fowler a call the next time you need help in the way of Audio, Video, Lighting, Cameras, or Broadcast gear. Whether you need a Design / Build solution where our team will provide a turn-key solution for you, or you need a Portable Church solution that you will set up and tear down each weekend, or maybe you just need some gear… Call us! We would be honored to have the opportunity to assist you and your ministry in doing big things!

Jeff Calhoun, Executive Director of Worship Ministries and Pastor Matthew Hartsfield talk about working with AVdesign by Fowler as a system integrator in their media system and the log term partnership that was created to meet the media needs of Van Dyke Church.

Randy Woods, Minister of Worship and Music describes his experience working with AVdesign by Fowler and the team concept that AVdesign uses to better serve the congregations they work with.

Minister of Worship and Music Randy Woods of the Village Church describes the activities and services that utilize their worship facility. He talks about AVdesign by Fowlerand the upgrades that were made to their audio, lighting, and video systems.

Director of Media Brock Tibbs talks about how he discovered Fowler Productions and the decision to work with an out of state company as well as describing the HD and lighting upgrades that Fowler installed and offering advice to other churches in the upgrade process.

In an interview at Catalyst we get the opportunity to talk about who we are and why we do what we do.

Executive Director of Worship Ministries Jeff Calhoun talks about how and why they do media in church. He outlines their philosophy of keeping media simple and not distracting and being mission oriented in their implementation of technology in the worship experience working with AVdesign by Fowler Inc.

In this segment listen to Cory Schob as he describes working with and training volunteer staffs, equipping the ministry through multimedia, and building a video venue site through both trial and error and years of experience. He describes the ins-and-outs of dealing with challenging situations while sticking to deadlines and how to build a team into a well-oiled machine.

John Wesley traveled by horseback and preached in the middle of the communities he served. As Methodism spread to America, clergy assigned to multiple churches were known as circuit riders for using the same method of travel. Van Dyke Church sees themselves as digital circuit riders using video venues to bring their message into new communities. “It’s circuit riding without the horse,” says Andy Sistrunk, North Campus Pastor. “We’re using fiber-optic technology and web streaming instead.”