Lighting can play a big role in both how your message is received by the congregation, and in the quality of your recordings for those that are doing IMAG and either podcasting or streaming. AVdesign’s engineering team has over 20 years of experience designing lighting systems for a wide variety of applications. Lighting systems can be either large or small, simple or complex.

There is no more effective way to create mood or atmosphere in a room than with lighting. Whether you’re looking for stage lighting or effect lighting, white light, colored light or motion, we can design lighting solutions to meet any need. Utilizing high quality, flexible fixtures and simple computer based control solutions, our team of experienced engineers can design the best possible lighting solution for your room. Because lighting plays a huge role in any broadcast application, we work to give your cameras and camera operators the best possible chance of coming up with that spectacular shot for your broadcast or web video as well.

Lighting technology is undergoing rapid changes with the advent of new technologies like LED lighting that can significantly impact energy consumption within a system. It is imperative to know when and how to use these dramatic new technologies for maximum impact, and maybe even more importantly, when NOT to use them. By providing you with an end-to-end solution we are able to design and install a system that gives you the control to create just the right look while still being sensitive to criteria like power consumption and budget. Let AVdesign solutions help your church determine the right direction to go with your lighting system.

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