There is no job too big for our trained and experienced installation team.  Using industry standard and our “AVdesign by Fowler Standard,” we are able to ensure a professional and seamless installation.  For peace of mind, all installations include an installation workmanship warranty which fully covers the work we do while on site.  Our installation team consists of a Job Superintendent, who will be the on-site liaison and team leader, and as many install technicians as the job requires.  The installation process can last anywhere from one day to six weeks (or longer!), but Church never stops.  We pride ourselves in our ability to plan ahead and provide phased installations so you never miss a service.  Our experience in working with ministerial staff has made us sensitive to the day-to-day operation of Churches, and we have honed our craft to work within any system.

Before we leave any installation, we provide a functional overview of the system (i.e. this button does “X”).  Additionally, the On-Site Job Superintendent will prepare a “redline” blueprint set from which we create an “As-Built” blueprint set.  Once the As-Builts are prepared, the Church receives an electronic copy as well as a paper copy.  We will hold the master blueprint file so that it will always be accessible by our technicians in our home office.  This process ensures that our technical support staff always has a current system schematic in order to better assist any issues that may arise.


For more information please call 1-800-729-0163