Environmental Projection

There is no easier, more effective way to change the mood of a room than by changing how it is lit. In the past, to accomplish a great “environment” in a room required a fairly extensive lighting system, but a new trend in the worship market has put this goal within reach of many churches and ministries. The trend is Environmental Projection. This consists of using one or more projectors to project a large image onto one or more walls of the room. By "painting the walls" of the room this way, you're able to dramatically change the look and feel of the room with the click of a mouse. 

Of course there are many things to consider when building an environmental projection system and that's where AVdesign by Fowler comes in. From determining the number and type of projectors to designing the infrastructure to make it all work, we understand your need to keep the system both versatile and simple to operate. Your representative can walk you through the different configurations and options. 


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