Digital Signage

Digital signage is a popular trend in the worship market. At its most basic level, a display showing an announcement slide show is digital signage. But the real power of a signage system comes into play when you can schedule specific content for specific displays at specific times. Imagine the lobby of your busy church with a 50” LCD opposite the main entrance. On Sunday mornings you schedule an announcement loop that shows slides advertising upcoming events for the week and a slide showing the title and scripture reference for that morning’s message. Then when the service starts the signage system switches over and shows a live video feed from the auditorium camera system. Then at the end of the service the display switches to a video with details about the new building program. 

Now, imagine expanding this system so that there’s a display or two for the youth area of the building. Maybe another display at the toddler check-in area and finally a display in the young adult hallway. Each of these displays can show content specific to each audience. Show slides about the upcoming youth camp in the youth area, advertise the mission trip to the young adults, and advertise a mom’s-day-out program to the check-in area. Now you’re able to get the most relevant information to the right people where they are. All of this and much more is possible for far less than was possible even a few years ago. Contact your AVdesign by Fowler representative to learn more about how you can start with a small signage system now and grow into a larger, more functional system in the future.


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