As one of the few companies that offers both Consultation and Design/Build services, AVdesign solutions by Fowler is in a unique position to help your church or ministry no matter your situation. Whether we are working as consultants or as a design/build firm, we will bring to bear all our experience and knowledge of the A/V industry on the unique challenges of designing your media system. With our Consultation Services, you will get an onsite meeting with one of our system specialists as well as with one of our talented engineering staff to assist in brainstorming a creative solution for your environment. They will take into consideration not only your immediate goals, but your future plans for media as well. We will design an infrastructure that can accommodate both current equipment and future expansion while remaining accessible and volunteer-friendly. Once the design is completed, you will receive a full set of architectural submittals that will allow your church to bid the project out to the equipment provider and installer of your choice.


For more information please call 1.800.729.0163