A good audio system is so dependent upon designing it to work within a specific space, that's where over 20 years of experience allows our team to make expert recommendations to ensure you get the right products.

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We ask the following question in nearly every discussion we have about church audio systems: “What’s the most important part of a church sound system?” Some will say it’s the speakers, others will say the mixer. Those parts are enormously important, but not the most important. The most important part of any sound system is the room. Because sound interacts in such a complicated way with the environment, it is vital when building an audio system to have a solid idea of how the room is going to affect the sound. For this reason among many others, when putting in a new audio system we recommend our Design/Build Process.

The first step of the Design/Build Process is to visit your facility. This will allow us to hear firsthand not only your current audio system but to catch the vision of what the church is trying to accomplish with its new audio system. Talking about worship style, current and future needs, and hearing the Pastor, Worship Leader, singers and sound techs talk about their own positive experiences, or even their frustrations, with the current system gives our engineering team a firm hold on the direction that the new system needs to take.

Once the design is complete, our dedicated team of installers will coordinate with the project manager to get your system installed. Whether a small system or a large one, we work with outside contractors like electricians or general contractors when necessary to ensure a sound system that meets or exceeds your expectations. 

From traditional to contemporary, AVdesign Solutions has the personnel and expertise to design a sound system that will fit your church's needs now and for years to come.


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