About AVdesign solutions by Fowler Inc.

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AVdesign solutions, a part of Fowler Inc., is comprised of highly talented individuals who represent not only consultants and engineers but end users and consumers. Many of our team are media volunteers at their own churches while others are fed through the use of that same media. We understand the challenges and frustrations of church productions whether they are large or small and draw on those experiences every time we talk with your team.

AVdesign solutions by Fowler Inc. has been in business since 1992 – really about the time LCD projectors were first introduced. We certainly hope our passion for church ministry is evident; more specifically, that we are passionate about the use of technology in the church. The intention has never been to change the Message, but the way it is presented. Technology allows us to reflect today’s culture so that we can reach today’s generation. And if we, do our job well - by creatively incorporating technology into your facility – then the technology is not the focus, but through the use of technology you enhance the Message and the entire worship experience. What an exciting time we live in. With all of the advances in technology our options are virtually limitless…And it can completely change the way we read the verse in Mark that says “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”


Jeff Calhoun, Executive Director of Worship Ministries and Pastor Matthew Hartsfield talk about working with AVdesign by Fowler as a system integrator in their media system and the log term partnership that was created to meet the media needs of Van Dyke Church in Lutz, FL.